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Hi Everybody!!
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Friday, April 4, 2014


Hi Everybody!!
This Tulip Magnolia Tree drops its leaves in Fall and spends the winter as a ghost skeleton in the landscape. In the early spring, tiny fuzzy buds appear on the dead looking branches. The fuzzy buds grow fat and pop open revealing a tube of dark purple ready to open. This Spring, a late ice storm coated the new buds. As these frozen buds dropped off, they were replaced by a pale, light shade of purple. Toward the end of the bloom, the green leaves sprout out. This is a great small tree for any garden with shade. Info below shared from Wikipedia and Google Search. Enjoy!




Magnolia liliiflora

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Magnolia liliiflora (variously known by many names, including Mulan magnoliaPurple magnoliaRed magnoliaLily magnoliaTulip magnoliaJane magnolia and Woody-orchid) is a small tree native to southwest China (in Sichuan and Yunnan), but cultivated for centuries elsewhere in China and also Japan. It was first introduced to English-speaking countries from cultivated Japanese origins, and is thus also sometimes called Japanese magnolia, though it is not native to Japan. It is now also planted as an ornamental in North America and Europe, though rather less often than its popular hybrid (see below). The name Yulania liliiflora is a synonym.
It is a deciduous shrub, exceptionally a small tree, to 4m tall (smaller than most other magnolias), and blooms profusely in early spring with large pink to purple showy flowers, before the leaf buds open.
This species is one of the parents of the very popular hybrid Saucer magnoliaM. x soulangeana, the other parent being the Yulan magnoliaM. denudata.
Mulan magnolia
Magnolia liliiflora flower
Scientific classification
Subgenus:M. subg. Yulania
Section:M. sect. Yulania subsect. Yulania
Species:M. liliiflora
File:Magnolia liliiflora2.jpg

File:Magnolia liliiflora2.jpg

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Part of a Mulan tree in flower


Magnolia 'Galaxy''Galaxy'

The National Arboretum presents Magnolia 'Galaxy', unique in form and flower among cultivated magnolias. 'Galaxy' is a single-stemmed, tree-form magnolia with ascending branches, the perfect shape for narrow planting sites. In spring, dark red-purple flowers appear after danger of frost, providing a pleasing and long-lasting display. Choose 'Galaxy' to shape up your landscape!Recognition: The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Gold Medal Award, 1992.

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