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Hi Everybody!!
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hot Texas Wildflowers in August (Wildflower Photo Blog)

Hi Everybody!!
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Most of the research information on subject is from the site: Wikipedia, as they are a free site who encourage sharing of information. Also, I present a video lineup from the site: You Tube.
The majority of photos presented here are by ME!  I have been featuring some of my friends photostudies also.
The remaining photos you will see are always credited to where they came from with links to original site.
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I found the above photo on Google Search
Image was credited to the following Blog from WordPress:

Welcome To Texas!

Map Of Texas
Texas is a large southern state that borders with Mexico.
Six Flags Over Texas & Six Flags Fiesta Texas 

Six Flags and Fiesta Texas are our 2 famous amusement parks in here in  Texas.
Texas Barbecue and Chili

As for food, Texas is known  for good barbecue and lengendary chili.
Texas Wildflowers and Pecan Trees

In Texas beauty is or texas wildflowers espcially our breath taking fleilds of Texas Blue Bonnets. 
The Rio Grande
The Rio Grande river is our long rive rthat borders with Mexico.
Texas Flag and Texas Seal

Texas ‘s capital is Austin, its a big famous city named after Stephen F. Austin…there are many other large and famous cities like  San Antonio where the Alamo is, also Houston home of the Rockets ,Dallas/ Fort Worth and Corpus Cristi.
Tejas and Lone Star

Texas is also calles Tejas in Spanish, the meaning of Tejas is friends or allies. Texas is also known as the Lone Star State…
Texas Colleges
Famous colleges of Texas are the University of Texas and A&M.
Big Bend and the Alamo
The Big Bend National Park and the Alamo are some famous sites to see when you’re going to Texas.
Texas Cowboy

The most stereotypical thing is when people think of Texas they think COWBOYS! 
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Another Naturalist Video! These are Great!
Just Push Play

If You are looking for more information on Texas Wildflowers, Check out the following site I found:

Wildflowers of Texas, Plant Resource Center, University of Texas at Austin

Welcome to the Plant Resources Center'sWildflowers of Texas website.  Here you can explore the beauty and richness of Texas wildflowers while learning about a unique research facility dedicated to understanding Texas's botanical diversity. Search for information about your favorite wildflower, or try to identify one you don't know, by going to theAdvanced Search or the Browse Wildflowerspage. These will then link you to informative species pages that include images of both living plants and preserved museum specimens. Be sure also to see the Slide Show that highlights the startling beauty and variation of the Texas flora. You can go behind the scenes at the Plant Resources Center by taking a video tour (see box to right). And there is much more information here on Texas plants and botanists. So, we hope you'll dive in and explore the wonderful world of Texas wildflowers!
Beryl B. Simpson

Summer Favorite: Black Eyed Susan

Rudbeckia hirta

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rudbeckia hirta, the Black-eyed Susan, with the other common names of: Brown-eyed Susan, Brown Betty, Brown Daisy (Rudbeckia triloba), Gloriosa Daisy, Golden Jerusalem, Poorland Daisy, Yellow Daisy, and Yellow Ox-eye Daisy. It is a flowering plant in the familyAsteraceae. It is an upright annual (sometimes biennial or perennial) native to most of North America, and is one of a number of plants with the common name Black-eyed Susan with flowers having dark purplish brown centers. Black-eyed Susans can be established, like most other wildflowers, simply by spreading seeds throughout a designated area. They are able to reseed themselves after the first season.
Rudbeckia hirta
Black-eyed Susan
Rudbeckia hirta flowerhead
Scientific classification
Species:R. hirta
Binomial name
Rudbeckia hirta

Traditional medicine

The roots but not seedheads of Rudbeckia hirta can be used much like the related Echinacea purpurea. It is an astringent used as in a warm infusion as a wash for sores and swellings.[citation needed] The Ojibwa used it as a poultice for snake bites[5] and to make aninfusion for treating colds and worms in children. The plant is diuretic and was used by the Menominee and Potawatomi[6][7] Juice from the roots had been used as drops for earaches.[8]
The plant contains anthocyanins.

Photostudy by brendasue  August Wildflowers in Texas

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More Heat Loving August Flowers

The Colors of Life

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The Uncolor of Death

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