Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Sun Has Changed. It is Larger. It is Hotter. (Sun Photo Blog)

The following video is an addition to this page this morning 7-28-2012. New Activity Just Push Play

Hi Everybody:

As You know, many things have been going on in Space Weather this July.
I do not understand what is happening, but I know big changes are happening on and outside of Earth. The Sun has changed. Three days ago, I went down to my sunset road to shoot the sunset as something was different about the Sun. It was too bright and too big for this late in the evening. So I went to see for myself. 
I have been photographing sunsets from this location on a regular basis for 3 years.  I am not a Scientist or Professional Photographer, but I am a skywatcher and amateur, hobbyist Nature Photographer. The Sun has changed. It is larger and hotter. The day is longer. I would like to know what is happening. The video lineup will shed some light on some of the concerns.
Just Push Play

Just Push Play

Just Push Play

Just Push Play

Just Push Play

Just Push Play

Just Push Play
Your photostudy tonight will be of my sunset photoshoot on July 24, 2012.
This is my final sunset photoshoot. It has never been this hot and big before so close to the ground. I could see with my eyes some dots around the sun, moving. I got some on the photos. I could see other things, but I do not know what I am seeing. It is my hope someone out there will find out what is going on. If anyone wants to come stand in this location and see the dots, let me know. I have seen them off and on for 2 years, but never as many as I could see on the 24th. These dots have got to be bigger than earth. I just don't know. I will mark the ones with dots. Have a look:
 very bright this close to ground. this image has no zoom. this is a big open ranch

 a very, very  bright cloud

 It has never been this white (hot) this close to the ground.

 There is one dot below sun and maybe 2 above it

 left top

 left top again

 top right

 still too bright

 cloud coming out of bottom of sun

 brighter now when it should be getting darker

 2 clouds coming out of bottom of sun

 Big dot on right (a piece of sun?) one on bottom

 what is coming out?

 dot at bottom in tree branch

 2 dots

 dot in tree branch bottom

 dot on bottom

 dot on bottom

 dot on top of sun

dot on bottom  above c in sanctuary

I just found the following vid. 
Just Push Play

...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. See You Next Time.

Of course, one more great performance by the Sun    Just Push Play