Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
Welcome to my Hometown!!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Hi Everybody:
I want to deeply apologize to all of You and to Google. I am very sorry I have tried to warn You All of the threats against the Gulf Coast and the Earth. I am sorry I want All of You to get to safety. My Children are against me. My friends are against me. Google has censored my posts. I am sure soon the internet will go away to shut up the free speech of everyone else who is trying to warn of real dangers of Natural Disasters and the Failure of Human Nature. Our President is MIA in the Gulf Coast, but taking us into World War Three across the World.
I have been a drug and alcohol counselor for 12 years and I know from trying to help the addicts, that You can not really change anybody.  I have volunteered for many years with Senior stroke victims. You can't really help them either. Change comes in two forms: from inside your own self, or externally forced on You in an instant like when a tornado appears out of nowhere and carries your house away.
So no more warnings from me about anything. I have tried to bring You the truth as I discovered it because I want everybody to be okay. I want my grandchildren to grow up in a Good environment with Christian People who love each other and help each other like Mom and I have all our life.
I have changed from inside in response to what is happening at my Home here on the Texas Gulf Coast. This summer, I first noticed my butterflies did not come in by the 100's as always before. My thousands of honeybees, disappeared. Not one bumblebee when I had so many all years before. My cardinals who live here year round (over 50 in the spring), have faded out and now are gone. I still have one bluejay and 3 crows, that's it. The hummingbirds always come in August. Four arrived. In Sept, when the second batch arrives, I had 25 or so for 2 days then they left. The other 4 left last week. In previous years, I had over 200. All the wonderful life in Nature I once photographed and shared with You are gone. It is breaking my heart to pack up all my Home into boxes to move. I am taking everything apart that it took me a lifetime to build. I have planted over 2000 Trees and shrubs for my perfect wildlife habitat. I do not have the strength to dig them up nor the means to move them. My Big Oaks that were here for at least 100 years are dying. They have protected the smaller trees for now. I invested my savings and paid in full for these 3 cabins to have a wonderful gathering place for my kids and grandkids and a place in the country to leave for them. It will not be here. My land on Rainbow Creek is sinking toward the creek. Anybody want to buy my paradise???? So yes, I must leave with no money and nowhere to go. Do You think I might be a little upset? No, my heart is broken. And this old lady who tried to make a difference is just an old fool to think she could.
I have one last bit of happiness to share with You so that we part on a happy note- It is time for my Texas Buzzards to return here to the tall pine trees for winter. Last year I had over 400 and more the year before that. Those of You who know me understand I have one special Buzzard Friend I named King Buzz.  This week 4 of them arrived. They usually all come together, so I do not know where the rest of them are. But among the 4 is my shining star King Buzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hooray. I saw them sitting on the fence the other day and stopped to photograph them. When he saw it was me, he started doing a little dance and strutting his stuff!!!! Your photostudy for tonight is the Dance of King Buzz. You can see he is not frightened of me! I hope you are not frightened of him. He can't help it he is a little ugly.
(Be kind and enjoy the King) Love to All


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The Turkey Vulture's head, like its namesake, is bald and red.
25 to 32 inches long, with a wingspan around 6 feet.
Healthy adult Turkey Vultures weigh approximately 6 pounds.
Vultures are large, carrion-eating birds. For years, it was believed that all vultures were raptors, members of the order Falconiformes. In 1994, however, it was discovered that the vultures inhabiting the American continents share a common ancestor with storks and ibises. Now, American vultures, or New World vultures, are recognized as Ciconiiformes, in the family Cathartidae.
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Of course, one more great performance and Best Advice. Remember, You have to play the cards You are dealt in life.


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Kenny Rogers - The Gambler
Label: United Artists Records 1978
Producer: Larry Butler
Written: D. Schlitz
Capitol Records



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...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. See You down the road!


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Outlaws And Angels is a very special celebration of the music of Willie Nelson. It is a concert recorded at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles earlier this year and broadcast on US television in May. It follows on from the Stars And Guitars and Live And Kickin concerts of 2002 and 2003 but is the first to be released on DVD.

Hosted by actor James Caan, it features inspired performances of many of his best known tracks, such as Shotgun Willie, Midnight Rider, Pancho And Lefty and On The Road Again, with a truly extraordinary line up of guest artists including Joe Walsh, Merle Haggard, Bob Dylan, Kid Rock, Shelby Lynne, Carole King, Rickie Lee Jones, Keith Richards and Jerry Lee Lewis among many others.

As a bonus feature there is a substantial Behind The Scenes piece, which includes footage not included in the broadcast version.



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