Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
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Sunday, May 5, 2013


Hi Everybody!!
"Blue Skies smiling at me. Nuthin' but Blue Skies Do I See!!!!!" Your great 'news' today comes from ugly Lucy, my black vulture. There will be no more chemtrails as we have come to know chemtrails. I am not saying the effort in the sky is ending. I am saying the sky people have experimented and evolved the process, which will no longer involve the big white lines plastered all over the sky and scaring the people.
I want You all to stop worrying about being poisoned. That was not the purpose of the chemtrails. The sky program is designed to benefit the Earth and the People. This is what Lucy has shown me: I know this bird and see her daily for about 3 years now. When the others leave in the early spring, she is left behind every year. I can tell you these black vultures fly very high in the sky. All the way up to the clouds and beyond. In February, I was worried about the birds flying in the chemtrails and clouds. Now I know, they prefer to fly among the clouds and seem to enjoy the agitated activity of the clouds and wind drafts as the clouds bloom. After 3 months of daily sky activity, Lucy is just fine. She is not dead. She is not poisoned. And neither are You. I encourage You to do your research and make your own determination. I am satisfied there is not an effort to poison people or else everybody would already be gone. The opposite is true. The birds are happier. My trees and flowers are happier. The weather is not as hot as it has been for years. And the snakes are still hibernating! And there has been one day of rain!
I personally want to thank the sky people for their efforts to save the Earth and for ending the previous chemtrail program. The new program does not have all the loud little jets and sky pollution. I appreciate you considering the people  on the ground who do not understand what you are doing. 
 Enjoy Your Blue Skies!

Blue Skies


Beautiful Nature (BBC Planet Earth & Wildlife)


...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. Wishing You all blue skies and sunny days!

Of course, one more great performance from the You Tube Library:

Thad Fiscella (Safe and Sound)