Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Note: They have cut my personal video at the end of the page to 3 minutes. Please go to the You Tube to view it at link. I am sorry. My slideshow was of the sky. Period. If the jets do not want to be in my blog: Get out of my Sky-
Hi Everybody!!
Tonight your photostudy is a historical one: The sky is indeed falling, at least the created clouds are buckling and tearing the shield of smart clouds. I believe the smart clouds are likely smarter than the idiots who created them. Seems my old Dad was right once again with his dadism wisdom: Some people have more money than brains!

Here is the bad news: the skyjackers are not going away. Our planets natural weather systems will never return. In addition the tons of instant smart cloud dust is landing on earth killing plants, animals and people. Personally, I have been dipped and double dusted by the skyjack-a-lopes. I am very weak, so you guys are going to have to wake up and step up to the plate.

Now for the kicker: Guess who is paying for this global effort to destroy civilization??? That's Right-YOU ARE.
So if You want to see your hard earned and freely donated tax money at work for You-----LOOK UP.

So no more everything is okay crap. No more theory crap. This is real. This is now. This is serious,  And it is happening to You whether You know it or not; whether You like it or not.
Please watch the You Tube Vid Lineup tonight and inform yourself. If You refuse to do anything else to Help, the very least You could do is Pray.

Google is here for Humanity. 
All answers are in the Index. Please get to work and find out what's going on.
I do not want us all to die because of Idiots. Who Are They?

Chicken Little- The Sky is Falling


(See the complete sunset photoshoot in the last vid on this page)

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Google You Tube Vid Lineup from our friends. Where is your vid??? 
What do You think?



Published on Mar 5, 2013
Are some scientists saying the only way to correct this frightening scenario is to use ionospheric heaters like HAARP to create a gigantic nuclear explosion in the atmosphere???

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Uploaded: March 5, 2013

Published on Feb 8, 2013
By: alopez4525

The Most Important Topic For Everyone In 2013

Film Presented by John Massaria. The audio is part of a teleconference call between Russ Tanner (Global Skywatch) and Dane Wigington (WIWATS/Activist) These calls happen every Monday at 7 : 30 central time and can be accessed through Russ' fb page. Please join us!

Scientific Research explaining why they are spraying the sky's around the world. Learn and more importantly do something about the Chem trails being sprayed. Learn the details here in this short film. UN Environment Programme: 200 Species Extinct Every Day, Unlike Anything Since Dinosaurs Disappeared 65 Million Years Ago. According to the UN Environment Programme, the Earth is in the midst of a mass extinction of life. Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is nearly 1,000 times the "natural" or "background" rate and, say many biologists, is greater than anything the world has experienced since the vanishing of the dinosaurs nearly 65m years ago.

many people (dis-informed people) were saying they don't seed or spray the sky's, and well... all I have to do is look up or look at the documents I have to show these are plain ignorant to facts and data. Maybe they are in denial.

"The Images in this video show jets airliners and equipment used for jets airliners. No implied meaning other than "airliner" equipment is intended. For example: the tanks shown in this video represent "water" tanks and may or may not contain any other known chemical other than water. Any images shown in this video are part of the public domain available on the world wide web, and constitute no other rights implied or suggested. This video is for intended for entertainment purposes and may contain facts unaware to the general public. This video is for intended for entertainment purposes and may contain facts unaware to the general public.
FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for entertainment purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So March 2013 Part 1


chemjukebox: "Oye Como Va"


TX Wx 20130304 - afternoon yucker mucker sprayer


....this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. See You next time. Big Hugs and Huge Thanks to All who are sharing music videos with skyscapes! We can see what is happening everywhere!  Let me know when You get Your Google You Tube Channel and make vids of your location. Now, if old grandma poppy can do it, then anybody can. Come on in and get with the program!!!!

Of Course, one more great vid (By Me!)

My historical, one of a kind vid, with the sky falling out!

A Sunset Tribute to a Birthday Girl-

This video is public.sunset march 4_0001 


Published on Mar 6, 2013
Hi Everybody!!
The Sky is Falling, It hit me on the head!!!! March 4 was a special day for someone close to me. I decided, as with all my gifts to friends, that the sunset of their special day would be a great gift. After all. every sunset is different and unique. And always beautiful. So with only my creative gifts and my camera to work with, the only investment is my time.
Great Idea, right?????? WRONG---
I went to the summer place for the big sky. Oh NO-not again- the Skyjackers built another shield, which covered the Sun. In addition, their screwed up "Creation" began to fall out of the sky, literally, You will see the black cloud where the thing warped and pulled apart. You will see the big Skyjack King Bosses' jet as he surveys the Big FAIL. (I can hear him now: You idiots, my cloud shield is buckling and falling out of the sky. Fix this now!!!!) Then you will see the jet with the chemtrail delivering the Fix: plasma clouds on steroids as they grow so fast. You will see the patch on the black cloud. and watch it grow. You will see the structure repair itself with new clouds. AND, you will see the ugliest sunset in history with a green gray cast to it.
I am afraid to tell You-this is not going to ever end. Real Weather in Real Nature is gone.