Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
Welcome to my Hometown!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hi Everybody!!
I have a little treat for You today. 
My friend, King Buzz came to the Old Buzzard Tree this morning and sat with me while I had coffee. Every year at the end of the season, he seems to seek me out away from the other birds just to spend some time with me. (Yes, I know how crazy that sounds!) Anyway, I want you to see how important it is for these birds to have direct contact with the Sun. They hang out the wings in the sun in the morning and again in the evening. I believe this warms the wings on cold days of winter. The radiation from the Sun kills bacteria on the feathers from the type of food they eat (dead stuff). 
Some Human Men are building these cloud shields over my head which blocks the sunlight, warmth and probably the radiation. My birds fly higher than their cloud crap and when they close it off, the birds can not get back in until it breaks somewhere.
These Idiots presented themselves in my sky and proceeded to dump tons of aluminum and sulfur on me with no regard to my birds, the trees or the humans down here on the ground in my state, in every state, and in every Country around the whole World.
They have admitted just last month that they are "experimenting". 
In Texas, we call this Bullsht. If they are experimenting, take it out over the ocean where No Birds Are, where No Plants and Animals Are, and where No Humans Are. I live in the middle of the woods. There has never ever been traffic of jets running all over the sky, striping it up. Now there are hundreds of these yo yos running around patching up holes in the clouds. Who is paying for all these jets and the fuel? The taxpayers? Did they approve this effort?

The reason for what they are doing in the sky is to collect the most money possible for energy by making it colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. They Do This because there are no laws against it. They Do this because most people do not even see what is happening above their heads. 
They Do this to change the weather.

I have 2 videos I made for You of Feb 27-2013. They are at the bottom of the page. It is an extensive slide show (1000 images) with time stamps so those of You interested can get an idea how fast these clouds fill in the blue sky. I did put some great music for you to enjoy-the remastered Legend album of Bob Marley.

Also, I have shared vids from others around the world where the same thing is happening in their sky. This is NOT one little experiment going on-this is a massive effort to spray billions of tons of poisonous dust on all life on Earth.

You would be correct in assuming that I am very angry about somebody making a decision to alter the Nature of our Earth with no regard for Life. However, I encourage all to be peaceful but not passive. I believe we have a name of WHO is doing this in the vid shared by Smish (1st one).

As You view your photostudy of King Buzz in the first bule sky in a month, see if You notice how he "shows off". He is always looking around to see if I am still shooting the camera at him! He really gets in to flashing his wings.
Now, I know I am weird to love a buzzard, but I do not want King Buzz to get locked outside of the dome of doom when it closes. I do not know if he could fly all night. Please my friends, try to stop this in our skies. If we have no regard for life on Earth, then we are just like the skyjackers who took the sun.

Feature Presentation:
Video Lineup from our friends at Google You Tube.  Tonight's Topic: Partly Cloudy with a chance of Rain and Snow!

HAARP Makes Denser Plasma Clouds!! Article From 2-25-2013


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HURRICANE SANDY from international space station



...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.
See You next time!

Of course, one more great performance by Bob Marley from Legend remastered! Some of You may be too young to remember Bob Marley, so check it out. The Man was Good!!
The photos are from my extensive all day photoshoot  (2 27)so You can see the creation of these clouds growing together to form an endless cloud bank.  Enjoy!

Feb 27 2013 documentation cloud shield_0001 


Part 2 feb 27 documentation created cloud shield sunset_0001