Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
Welcome to my Hometown!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hi Everybody!!
I am having yet another Great Day:  It is raining and has rained all day!!!!!!!!!Hooray!!!!!!! The poor creek had dried up completely (which I have never seen in 25 years). The frogs are singing again as the rain gauge reflects 1 inch today. And, the hummers and bees still were at the feeders in the rain! Remember, I have made a few changes on the Blog. Your photostudy is in my G+Photo Albums now. Click the link below to see the September 5 hummers and honeybees. One more new surprise: Clips from G+ Awesome Auto Backup! Enjoy!

In G+ Photo Albums there is a new feature from the Awesome Auto Backup Department! These guys use your uploaded photos to make a little clip from 5 or so pics. This is soooooo cool!!!!
Below are the highlights of Album: September 5, 2013:




I hope this is working out for You to view the photostudies in the albums rather than here on the Blog. Just click on the link below and off You go to see the pics, with a slideshow option! (You are Welcome to browse all my albums also!)

LINK to Sept 5 album:


For those of You who are not familiar with G+ or G+Photo Albums, below is a sample of the post created when I uploaded the September 5 pics:

brendasue watson

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Hi Everybody!
I hope You are enjoying the Migration with me! On this day, the birds and bees are still sizing up the situation. They are going to learn to share the feeders! There will be quite a few wounded birds until everyone gets with the program! Usually, one sting is enough for each bird and they learn to adjust to the bees! The bees are coming and going, leaving the feeders open for the birds sometimes. All in all-it is a Hummingbird Rodeo around here! Enjoy!
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...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. See You next time! If You are enjoying the Photo Album Format at G+, I encourage You to open your own Albums and upload the nature pics You want to share! It is fun making these History Books so all can see the behaviors of my critters!