Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Hi Everybody!
Yeehaa! The Rodeo is happening at all the feeders on the grounds! Round and round they go-the birds and bees! I have tried to capture the excitement at the feeders as more birds come in (and more bees). Not everyone gets the bees with the birds, probably because they are all here! Anyway, You can see by my time stamps how fast these guys are! I am not on tripod and refocus each shot. I have a lightweight Canon point and shoot camera (PowerShot SX40).
You do not need to be a Professional Photographer with expensive equipment to photograph the birds in your backyard or to post them in albums. You may be inspired to go further into the Art of Photography and produce the National Geographic scale images. But it is okay to shoot with even your phone if You want. You will develop your own groove. The important thing with these birds is documenting the behaviors observed to help understand more about these little birds. You can clearly see in my images the interaction between the birds and honeybees. Little is known about this behavior as the info still says bees do not migrate except to start a new hive and must find new home in 3 days or will starve. I can tell you this is not true. These bees come with the birds and leave with the birds in the past 5 years I have been documenting! This year, I have discovered something new: one of the birds is feeding the bees (and I have photos coming in a few days!)
Enjoy your photostudy in my 9-6-13 Album (link below). Be gentle on me for not having National Geographic perfect quality images! You will see by the blurs how fast some of these guys are. I encourage You to photograph them if You have the opportunity! They are delightful to watch!

Highlights of September 6-The Hummingbird Rodeo!





Click Link to see you photostudy:

Link to September 6, 2013 Album


From the Google Search Index-a couple of entries for those of You desiring more info. about the migration:

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    The migration of hummingbirds is an amazing thing with many different fly zones. These little birds can fly far and fast and there are a few types that do this every ...

  2. Migration Basics - Hummingbirds.net


    Although hummingbird migration is not well documented by large numbers of banding records, we do know a few facts, and we can draw logical inferences ...

...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.  See You next time! Everybody on the migration routes:  Help out the tiny birds this year as the flowers are dead in the fields from drought. A good sign more humans are getting involved:  The local Walmart sold out of hummingbird feeders!


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