Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
Welcome to my Hometown!!

Monday, February 25, 2013


Hi Everybody!!
I captured another Sunset for You! A few days ago, I introduced to You that Instant Cloud Seeds are discharged by the jets in the Chemtrails.  They appear to be activated by the angle of the sun. Sunrise and sunset stimulate a massive bloom of popcorn clouds, which are attached to each other. This forms the Web Structure which supports the Cloud Banks in the air. The clouds can dock.
I was wondering if You told anybody about this and did they believe You???
Someone very dear to me drove 4 hours to come visit me at the Bird Sanctuary and tell me this could not be true. 4 hours later they left and drove 4 hours home. I was not swayed by anything said to me that this created cloud system was not possible and no one would do that. It remains FACT that since Feb 1 2013, clouds have been created and grown into weather systems affecting the storms moving across America. I have watched the skyjackers day after day create the cloud shields which block the sun both the light and warmth. Cold air is circulated in. This requires everyone on the ground to turn the heaters on and spend more money on energy. That is the Goal. We do not have this kind of weather in February in S. Texas. We have Spring which is still happening on the other side of the clouds, it just can't get through to the ground because of Human Intervention.
So be MAD at me all You want for supposedly spreading lies! I am Very MAD at the Monsters in My Sky who stole my Sun, my Warmth, my Light and my Spring. I broke No Laws reporting what is above me in the Sky in plain view of All. I carry no gun, only a Camera. I have no sword, only a pen.
I come in Peace to share the visions given to me to HELP HUMANITY. I do not intend to physically fight anyone, for I have already won all battles.
All You need to know about me is that I stood up for my Father when he fell ill for 15 years. I stood up for my Father after he died to defend his Honor. And I stand up for him in his absence from Earth to defend his beliefs as a Free American. Nobody has a right to screw over someone else in the name of Money. So, to the bullies doing the "screwing": I strongly suggest You change your ways and repent. To the people allowing themselves to be "screwed": I strongly suggest You Wake Up and smell the coffee.
For those of You who want to study the created cloud formations, here are the photos from sunset, 2-19-2013!

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...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek on a Cloudy Night! Love To Everyone! Together, we can make a difference on this Planet!