Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
Welcome to my Hometown!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hi Everybody!!
Come On In and see Happy Hour with me!  Back in the Day (the younger day), the crowd would meet at the Discos in Houston. We would consume vast quantities of alcoholic beverages at 2 for one prices from 5pm to 7pm. We would eat our weight in cold boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce and fresh cut fruit from the free buffet tables. Then dance the booties off !!!! That was called Happy Hour. In this day, Happy Hour is much easier! No alcohol anymore, (been there, done that, do not have to do that again!) No boiled Gulf Shrimp on Ice. ( What Gulf Shrimp are left will never be safe to eat ever, ever again). No Fresh Fruit Displays (priced out of range for the Seniors on fixed incomes). No Disco Dancing anymore, in fact the clubs left when they outlawed Happy Hour. All the plastic fantastic people are gone (thank goodness).

So to be sitting here in my sixties after surviving the sixties and watching my birds perform a sky ballet at sunset, gives me a box seat on top of the World!
I am sharing this with You today. This was the last time the birds came home to this tree as the last branch broke off when too many landed on it. There is obviously different degrees of dead if you are a tree. What is left of this one is now too dead for the birds. They found a new one. Enjoy- Then I put a movie on for You!

Feature Presentation:  Toxic Skies
Saturday Night At The Movie!

"Toxic Skies.", Geoengineering/Chemtrails feature film...A Must See........

Published on Feb 9, 2013
It is remarkable that there are movies now spreading the word about geoengineering aka chemtrails. Opinions are changing as more and more public awareness to the obvious drama going on but being officially denied in the skies....clearly many can see the massive contrast with today's skies and those years Pre-1995 in the US and pre-2000 in the EU and other NATO nations. Today we see a different colour blue and long persistent trails that were just not there before. With incremental increases in the trails it is hoped the gradual increase would appear normal to the masses. As people raise the alarm, a complex game of disinformation, propaganda and a sophisticated counterintelligence operation works 24/7 to discredit the information flowing. The governments are all complicit in a huge program, controlling the weather, food production and costs...together with changing the atmosphere to fascilitate the use of HAARP and other frequency based weapons. The governments are loosing their information war, as admitted by Hilary Clinton and desperate measures are being implemented such as new internet laws, privacy laws and terrorist laws all designed to combat and discredit the truth movement. The corrupt governments hire teams of trolls and shills to post comments on the internet and newspaper comments just to dissuade or upset truthers or persuade them they have it all wrong. This is a massive effort. Illnesses have multiplied exponentially, many of which are linked to chemtrails. Simple rainwater analysis or blood and hair samples can confirm the excessive heavy metals in our system. The UK government published it's 5th report...On the Regulations on Geoengineering in 2009....this program is advanced and the changes are becoming evident. The soil is changing and can easily be verified. They are controlling the weather, creating high and low pressures as desired...moving the jet streams, melting the polar region by design in order to access the rich resources. They also are facilitating the massive release of trapped methane by geoengineering and consequently are causing tremendous climatic problems, which they will try to solve using they ionospheric heaters to save us ( not admitting they caused the problem) and cause much more damage. The corrupt governments are but pawns in a much bigger plan, hundreds of years old to dominate the planet and all resources and people entirely for the control from the obscenely rich elites. The Crown Corporation, the Committee of 300, The Zionists and upper Freemasons, Bilderburg group, CFR and many other NGO's are tools of the Obscenely rich elites planning a NEW WORLD ORDER...a totalitarian technocracy of total enslavement...to be enacted through the" UN agenda 21" aka
( sustainable development) all hinging on the big deception of global warming threat, devised by the Club of Rome which is another organisation set up by the elites. The whole global warming fear mongering is a fraud, however geoengineering that has been going on is creating freakish weather and climatic problems...which can be misconstrued to appear to confirm the LIE of global warming. Hundreds of eminent scientists are now dissenting perpetuating the LIE and top scientists at the UK research climate centre have even been caught out " fixing and skewing the data" to fit the bogus objectives of the UN and the elites. The obscenely rich elites are master criminals, using Eugenics and poisonous vaccines and toxins in water such as fluride to control the population. Using propaganda and predictive programing to condition the masses to accept their vision and conclusions. For further research please refer to the
" useful links " at mrmaxbliss.wordpress.com The corrupt governments use a system of compartmentalization to manage their deception and we the people only have each other to make the changes needed to stop the insanity. WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT CONSENT...and we the people can change everything together, by raising awareness to the facts we can reach everyone including many of the police and military. The media are controlled as are the courts, the only way to change this horrendous plan is to wake everyone up to the TRUTH behind the mass deception, we must expose and dismantle the elites and their machinations NOW. Work together, put the unity back into our community........PEACE 4 ALL
Originally uploaded by Bjarki Mikkelsen
Published on 29 Oct 2012

This film deals with the popular topic of spray chemtrails. We see it every day all over the world, day and night. This film is made on the conspiracies that are around the white aircraft streaks in the sky. And maybe it happened in reality at that way, in fact, there are a few small villages that have been infected with the disease from Chemtrails.

...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.
See You Next Time.       Happy Trails To You!

Of Course, one more great performance:

Dale Evans & Roy Rogers