Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
Welcome to my Hometown!!

Friday, November 9, 2012


Hi Everybody!!
I went over to Bluebonnet Herb Farm for a photoshoot. I bring you some of the fine flowers to brighten Your Day! 
In Texas, the cool days signal an end to the overheated summer days. Mom and I always went to the garden centers first week of November to get the winter flowers and veggies for the Winter Gardens. Strolling through the flowers revived old  traditions of "The Way we Were".
Those Days are Gone. Time to "Wake Up" to a new Day.

The Way We Will Be Remembered:
The Videos and Photographs.


VIDEO LINEUP:  Surprise Selections*
*Something for Everyone! Enjoy!!!!!!

The following three vids came out today on You Tube by National Geographic. They are very short glimpses into Nature.

Birds of Paradise:

 Amazing Avian Evolution

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The "Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution" exhibition is now open at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC, and embarking on a national tour in 2013! Buy tickets at ngmuseum.org/bop.

From their fantastic plumes, to bizarre dances and courtship displays, the birds-of-paradise are unlike any creature on Earth. After eight years and 18 expeditions in the field, National Geographic photographer and field biologist Tim Laman and Cornell University Lab of Ornithology scientist Edwin Scholes documented these bizarre and extraordinary birds from New Guinea and amassed photographic and video coverage of all 39 known species. Visitors to the exhibition experience daring expeditions, world culture, extreme evolution, and conservation though stunning imagery, compelling video, artifacts and interactive activities for all ages.



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Baby Puffin's First Swim

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A baby puffin makes its way to the ocean for its first solo swim.

Rattlesnake vs. Rat

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Rattlesnakes are best known for the hiss of their famous tails. And this western diamondback rattlesnake catches its prey, a rat, with an ambush.

The Way We Were Last Week:
(Any similarity of the two below to the snake and rat above, is pure coincidence!)

The Way We Will Be (Dreams)
What is Your Dream for the Future???

The first round of 

Britains Got Talent 2009

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 The Way We Were (back then)

Barbra Streisand - 

The Way We Were (Live) HD

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Barbra Streisand - The Way We Were

Elvis Presley - 

Green, Green Grass of Home (live)

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Elvis - Green, Green Grass of Home
Beautiful performance, please enjoy.
Recorded live on stage in Las Vegas. March 22, 1975, midnight show

Brenda Lee - 

Yesterday's Gone.

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I loved you all the summer through
I thought I found my dream in you
Only you were the one
But that was yesterday and yesterday's gone
We walked together hand in hand
Across miles and miles of golden sand
But now it's over and done
Cause that was yesterday and yesterday and yesterday's gone



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Yes, Yesterday is GONE!
...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.  See You next time.

Of Course, 2 more great performances!

Leaving You in the present day with the top entertainment of today-THE SUN!!!!

Total Solar Eclipse 

Photos Helps Predict

 Sun Cycle | Video

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Using photographing techiniques learned over 50 total eclipse viewings, Jay Pasachoff of the International Astronomical Union and colleagues have studied shape patterns in coronal activity to improve solar activity predictions.



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Urgent Solar Warning/

NASA Photos

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Well...things are playing out just like we told you it would