Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hi Everybody!!
Tonight I am sharing with You another new surprise for this ole Granny: 
Sun Halo.  
Yes, I saw my first Sun Halo last week. I did not know what it was but I knew if anybody knew, it would be Google who knew!!  I entered: "Halo around the sun" in the magic Google Box (search).  Snap, Presto, 20 personal results17,900,000 other results.
Once again, it appears I am the last one to find out about anything!!! I still found this very interesting to witness a Sun Halo. Of Course, I had the camera and captured some pics to share with You! The photostudy tonight is my own personal Sun Halo in the sky above Rainbow Creek. The journey into what causes the Halo effect proves to be more fascinating than the Halo itself.
File:Halo padang.jpg

Halo (optical phenomenon)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

halo (from Greek ἅλως; also known as a nimbusicebow or gloriole) is an optical phenomenon produced by ice crystals creating colored or white arcs and spots in the sky. Many are near the sun or moon but others are elsewhere and even in the opposite part of the sky. They can also form around artificial lights in very cold weather when ice crystals calleddiamond dust are floating in the nearby air.

Parhelia, or "Sun dogs"
There are many types of ice halos. They are produced by the ice crystals in cirrus cloudshigh (5–10 km, or 3–6 miles) in the upper troposphere. The particular shape and orientation of the crystals is responsible for the type of halo observed. Light is reflected and refracted by the ice crystals and may split up into colors because of dispersion. The crystals behave likeprisms and mirrors, refracting and reflecting sunlight between their faces, sending shafts of light in particular directions.
Atmospheric phenomena such as halos were used as part of weather lore as an empiricalmeans of weather forecasting before meteorology was developed.
Other common optical phenomena involving water droplets rather than ice crystals include the glory and the rainbow.

Light pillar

Sun pillar in San Francisco.
A light pillar, or sun pillar, appears as a vertical pillar or column of light rising from the sun near sunset or sunrise, though it can appear below the sun, particularly if the observer is at a high elevation or altitude. Hexagonal plate- and column-shaped ice crystals cause the phenomenon. It is often caused by water droplets in the sky. Plate crystals generally cause pillars only when the sun is within 6 degrees of the horizon, or below it; column crystals can cause a pillar when the sun is as high as 20 degrees above the horizon. The crystals tend to orient themselves near-horizontally as they fall or float through the air, and the width and visibility of a sun pillar depends on crystal alignment.
Light pillars can also form around the moon, and around street lights or other bright lights. Pillars forming from ground-based light sources may appear much taller than those associated with the sun or moon. Since the observer is closer to the light source, crystal orientation matters less in the formation of these pillars.

[edit]Circular halo

22° halo around the Moon
diffraction disc or Airy disc has similar appearance, but is a disk, rather than a ring, and has a red border on the inside. Its size depends on the size of the ice or water particles that cause it. These are also known as coronas, but are not to be confused with the thin streaming luminous gas that makes up the sun's own corona.

File:Halo padang.jpg
Sun Halo appeared in Padang, Indonesia two days after The 7,6 Magnitude Earthquake, captured on October 02nd, 2009


Tonight's Photostudy:  
My Sun Halo Over Rainbow Creek

Ring around the Sun 

(Sun Halo) 

17.11.2012 Germany


Published on Nov 17, 2012 by 
I've first seen this Halo's in 2012,never before I noticed this kind of phenomena.This is a lighter and smaller one than the sightings I had in Summer this year.
Camera used to capture: Canon Powershot sx 220.

Double Sun Halo and 

Other Geoengineering 

Anomalies Over Dayton, 

Oregon May 16, 2012


Published on May 17, 2012 by 
No description available.

...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.  See You next time!

Of Course, one more great performance!

Signs Of Change 

The Past Week Or So Until 

November 19 2012

Published on Nov 19, 2012 by 
The world as we know it is changing right before our eyes. Extreme weather, wars and riots are some of the evnets that has taking place the past week or so. For more on this series go to or subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching and get prepared for these types of events. Stay safe! Soundtrack
1 Atmosphere Music - Fight And Avenge

2. Two Steps From Hell - Blizzard

3. Sencit Music - Something To Fight For

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Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So Until
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joan baez "sailing"


Published on Jul 24, 2012 by 
song by Gavin Sutherland, 1972

I am sailing, I am sailing
Home again 'cross the sea
I am sailing, stormy waters
To be near you, to be free

I am flying, I am flying
Like a bird 'cross the sky
I am flying, passing high clouds
To be with you, who can say

Can you hear me, can you hear me
Through the dark night, far away?
I am dying, forever crying
To be with you, who can say

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me, can you hear me
Through the dark night far away?
I am dying, forever crying
To be with you, who can say, who can say

We are sailing, we are sailing
Home again 'cross the sea
We are sailing stormy waters
To be near you, to be free

Oh Lord, to be near you, to be free
Oh my Lord, to be near you, to be free
Oh my Lord, to be near you, to be free
Oh Lord
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Joan Baez

Baez performing in 2003
Background information
Birth name Joan Chandos Báez
Born January 9, 1941 (age 71)
Origin Staten Island, New York City, New York, United States
Genres Folk, folk rock, country
Occupations Musician, songwriter, activist
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, ukulele
Years active 1958--present
Labels Vanguard (1960--1971)
A&M (1972--1977)
Portrait/CBS (1977--1981)
Gold Castle (1987--1991)
Virgin (1991--1993)
Guardian (1995--2002)
Koch (2003--present)
Associated acts Jackson Browne, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Judy Collins, Donovan, Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, Mimi Fariña, the Grateful Dead, Janis Ian, the Indigo Girls, Odetta, Pete Seeger, Paul Simon, Rocker T, Dar Williams
Website joanbaez.com

Joan Chandos Baez (play /ˈbaɪ.ɛz/) (born January 9, 1941 as Joan Chandos Báez) is an American folk singer, songwriter, musician, and a prominent activist in the fields of human rights, peace, and environmental justice.

Baez has a distinctive vocal style, with a strong vibrato.[1] Her recordings include many topical songs and material dealing with social issues.

Baez began her career performing in coffeehouses in Boston and Cambridge, and rose to fame as an unbilled performer at the 1959 Newport Folk Festival. She began her recording career in 1960, and achieved immediate success. Her first three albums, Joan Baez, Joan Baez, Vol. 2, and Joan Baez in Concert all achieved gold record status, and stayed on the charts of hit albums for two years.[2]

Baez has had a popular hit song with "Diamonds & Rust" and hit covers of Phil Ochs's "There but for Fortune" and The Band's "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down". Other songs associated with Baez include "Farewell, Angelina", "Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word", "Joe Hill", "Sweet Sir Galahad" and "We Shall Overcome". She performed three of the songs at the 1969 Woodstock Festival, helped to bring the songs of Bob Dylan to national prominence, and has displayed a lifelong commitment to political and social activism in the fields of nonviolence, civil rights, human rights and the environment.[3]

Baez has performed publicly for over 53 years, releasing over 30 albums. Fluent in Spanish as well as in English, she has also recorded songs in at least six other languages. She is regarded as a folk singer, although her music has diversified since the 1960s, encompassing everything from folk rock and pop to country and gospel music. Although a songwriter herself, Baez is generally regarded as an interpreter of other people's work, having recorded songs by The Allman Brothers Band, The Beatles, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Violeta Parra, Woody Guthrie, The Rolling Stones, Pete Seeger, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Leonard Cohen, and many others. In recent years, she has found success interpreting songs of modern songwriters such as Ryan Adams, Josh Ritter, Steve Earle and Natalie Merchant.



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