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Sunday, December 2, 2012



Hi Everybody:
As You know, there were many explosions in November for different reasons. I never saw an explosion and have no idea how it happens.  But, I know Who Knows!! Google Knows! I googled explosions in November 2012. I googled explosion and found our Wikipedia definition. I googled Idaho Picker and found our Featured You Tube Vid Creator. 
Our Explosive Blogpost tonight will look at some of the Google search results for Explosion. It seems extremely urgent  and important right now to know more about explosions, especially Gas.

To All our Friends in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast: I hope You all have new homes for Christmas in a different State. From August 1 to December 1, finally, the sinkhole is declared an emergency and the Public is told Gas Explosions are possible.

Your Featured You Tube Videos are created by: Idaho Picker (tubename).
The work he has done to bring real information about the sinkhole to the surface is above and beyond any call of duty. In my opinion, he shares the most reliable status of unfolding horrific events at the sinkhole. I encourage all of You to view his vids below (and more on his channel) to get an honest grip on the gravity of the situation in Louisiana.
Gas is everywhere.
I do not know Idaho Picker in person, but I would like to thank him for all the hard work and effort to inform and save the people. There is only one reason why he does such dedicated work: Because He Can. 

Okay- Time to get to work taking in the current  information on this page and go to listed sites for more information. You can see by example how to use the Google Index. 
(refer to Google any questions).
Please keep sharing with the people of Louisiana until everyone has moved to higher ground, permanently.

Words typed in the Google Index:
explosions in November 2012

Some of the results:
(see links for whole articles)

  1. 42 Buildings Damaged In Springfield Gas Explosion « CBS Boston

    42 Buildings Damaged In Springfield Gas ExplosionNovember 24, 2012 3:51 PM. View Comments. More Activity. Facebook Activity. What's this?

  2. Gas explosion in Springfield points to ageing pipes - environment ...

    4 days ago – Gas explosion in Springfield points to ageing pipes. 18:24 27 November 2012 by Phil McKenna. Human error and corroded pipes were a ..

full-coverage/oil-platform-explosion-november-2012 - KATC.com

Oil Platform Explosion - November 2012 - Full Coverage. Latest Post: 02:03 PM First Post: 11/16/2012 11:00 AM (23 stories) 21 pictures 7 videos. Bookmark and ...

  1. Body found from Black Elk oil rig explosion | Environment | guardian ...

    www.guardian.co.uk › Environment › Oil spills
    Nov 18, 2012 – Divers retrieve remains of one of two missing workers from Gulf of Mexico platform, while four burnt men fight for lives.

  2. Strange sounds around the world

    November 30 2012 – Explosion at Social Security Office in Casa Grande, Arizona, USA A small explosion occured on the 30th of november 2012 at 8:30 p.m. at ...

Gigantic explosion on the Sun!! (November 16, 2012) - YouTube

Nov 16, 2012 - 1 min - Uploaded by galaxy387
More information at: http://www.spaceweather.com http://www.nasa.gov/ mission_pages/sunearth/news ...

Massachusetts gas explosion: Utility worker pierced pipe | abc7.com

6 days ago – Inspectors assess damage, Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012, around the area of a gas explosion that leveled a strip club in Springfield, Mass., on Friday ...

APA - Explosion kills 18 in Chinese coalmine

Nov 24, 2012 – 24 November 2012 22:31. At renovated Iraq shrine, Shiites mark a holy day. 24 November 2012 22:09. Explosion kills 18 in Chinese coalmine ...

Video: Gaza rocked by explosions as truce with Israel looks to be in ...

www.telegraph.co.uk › ... › Middle East › Palestinian AuthorityShare
1:26PM GMT 21 Nov 2012. The explosions, seemingly caused by Israeli air strikes, shook the enclave shortly after a bomb exploded on a bus in Tel Aviv, ...

Volcanic activity world-wide 21-22 November 2012: Etna, Lokon ...

Nov 22, 2012 – Selasa, Nov 20, 2012. Ash explosions occur almost each day at Paluweh volcano (Rokatenda) off Flores, Indonesia. The activity seems to be ...

One of 11 hurt in deadly Gulf oil platform blast says: 'I'm alive' - CNN ...

Nov 19, 2012 – An oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico near Grand Isle, Louisiana caught fire after an explosion on Friday, November 16, 2012, leaving at least 2 ...

News: November 2012 Archives: Gothamist

Thursday, November 15, 2012 .... who died in the Deepwater Horizon explosion bring real solace to the victims' families. ... Wednesday, November 14, 2012 ...

  1. Richmond Hill explosion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    At about 11:00pm on November 10, 2012 a large explosion occurred in Richmond Hill, a subdivision in the southeast of Indianapolis. The explosion leveled ...
  2. Black Elk Energy oil rig fire: two feared dead, two more missing ...

    www.guardian.co.uk › ... › World news › Louisiana
    Adam Gabbatt
    by Adam Gabbatt - in 186 Google+ circles - More by Adam Gabbatt
    Nov 17, 2012 – Gulf of Mexico operation was not in production at time of incident that also left 11 hospitalised.

  3. Indianapolis explosion kills two and leads to evacuation of 200 ...

    www.guardian.co.uk › News › World news › Indiana
    Nov 11, 2012 – Fire department says site of unexplained explosion 'looks like a war zone' after blast and fire damage at least 14 homes



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An explosion is a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures and the release of gasesSupersonic explosions created by high explosives are known asdetonations and travel via supersonic shock wavesSubsonic explosions are created by low explosives through a slower burning process known as deflagration.



Explosions can occur in nature. Most natural explosions arise from volcanic processes of various sorts. Explosive volcanic eruptions occur when magma rising from below has much dissolved gas in it; the reduction of pressure as the magma rises causes the gas to bubble out of solution, resulting in a rapid increase in volume. Explosions also occur as a result of impact events and in phenomena such as hydrothermal explosions (also due to volcanic processes). Explosions can also occur outside of Earth in the universe in events such as supernovae. Explosions frequently occur during bushfires in eucalyptus forests where the volatile oils in the tree tops suddenly combust.[1]
Animal bodies can also be explosive, as some animals hold a large amount of flammable material such as animal fat. This, in rare cases, results in naturally exploding animals.[citation needed]


Among the largest known explosions in the universe are supernovae, which result when a star explodes from the sudden starting or stopping of nuclear fusion, and gamma ray bursts, whose nature is still in some dispute. Solar flares are an example of explosion common on the Sun, and presumably on most other stars as well. The energy source for solar flare activity comes from the tangling ofmagnetic field lines resulting from the rotation of the Sun's conductive plasma. Another type of large astronomical explosion occurs when a very large meteoroid or anasteroid impacts the surface of another object, such as a planet.


The most common artificial explosives are chemical explosives, usually involving a rapid and violent oxidation reaction that produces large amounts of hot gas.Gunpowder was the first explosive to be discovered and put to use. Other notable early developments in chemical explosive technology were Frederick Augustus Abel's development of nitrocellulose in 1865 and Alfred Nobel's invention of dynamite in 1866. Chemical explosions (both intentional and accidental) are often initiated by anelectric spark or flame. Accidental explosions may occur in fuel tanksrocket engines, etc.

[edit]Electrical and magnetic

A high current electrical fault can create an electrical explosion by forming a high energy electrical arc which rapidly vaporizes metal and insulation material. This arc flash hazard is a danger to persons working on energized switchgear. Also, excessive magnetic pressure within an ultra-strong electromagnet can cause a magnetic explosion.

[edit]Mechanical and vapor

Strictly a physical process, as opposed to chemical or nuclear, e.g., the bursting of a sealed or partially sealed container under internal pressure is often referred to as a 'mechanical explosion'. Examples include an overheated boiler or a simple tin can of beans tossed into a fire.
Boiling liquid expanding vapor explosions are one type of mechanical explosion that can occur when a vessel containing a pressurized liquid is ruptured, causing a rapid increase in volume as the liquid evaporates. Note that the contents of the container may cause a subsequent chemical explosion, the effects of which can be dramatically more serious, such as a propane tank in the midst of a fire. In such a case, to the effects of the mechanical explosion when the tank fails are added the effects from the explosion resulting from the released (initially liquid and then almost instantaneously gaseous) propane in the presence of an ignition source. For this reason, emergency workers often differentiate between the two events.


In addition to stellar (star) nuclear explosions, a man-made nuclear weapon is a type of explosive weapon that derives its destructive force from nuclear fission or from a combination of fission and fusion. As a result, even a nuclear weapon with a small yield is significantly more powerful than the largest conventional explosives available, with a single weapon capable of completely destroying an entire city.

[edit]Properties of explosions


Explosive force is released in a direction perpendicular to the surface of the explosive. If the surface is cut or shaped, the explosive forces can be focused to produce a greater local effect; this is known as a shaped charge.


The speed of the reaction is what distinguishes the explosive reaction from an ordinary combustion reaction . Unless the reaction occurs rapidly, the thermally expanded gases will be dissipated in the medium, and there will be no explosion. Again, consider a wood or coal fire. As the fire burns, there is the evolution of heat and the formation of gases, but neither is liberated rapidly enough to cause an explosion. This can be likened to the difference between the energy discharge of a battery, which is slow, and that of a flash capacitor like that in a camera flash, which releases its energy all at once.

[edit]Evolution of heat

The generation of heat in large quantities accompanies most explosive chemical reaction. The exceptions are called entropic explosives and include organic peroxides such as acetone peroxide[2] It is the rapid liberation of heat that causes the gaseous products of most explosive reactions to expand and generate high pressures. This rapid generation of high pressures of the released gas constitutes the explosion. The liberation of heat with insufficient rapidity will not cause an explosion. For example, although a pound of coal yields five times as much heat as a pound of nitroglycerin, the coal cannot be used as an explosive because the rate at which it yields this heat is quite slow. In fact, a substance which burns less rapidly (i.e. slow combustion) may actually evolve more total heat than an explosive which detonates rapidly (i.e. fast combustion). In the former, slow combustion converts more of the internal energy (i.e. chemical potential) of the burning substance into heat released to the surroundings, while in the latter, fast combustion (i.e. detonation) instead converts more internal energy into work on the surroundings (i.e. less internal energy converted into heat); c.f. heat and work (thermodynamics) are equivalent forms of energy. See Heat of Combustion for a more thorough treatment of this topic.
When a chemical compound is formed from its constituents, heat may either be absorbed or released. The quantity of heat absorbed or given off during transformation is called the heat of formation. Heats of formations for solids and gases found in explosive reactions have been determined for a temperature of 15 °C and atmospheric pressure, and are normally given in units of kilocalories per gram-molecule. A negative value indicates that heat is absorbed during the formation of the compound from its elements; such a reaction is called an endothermic reaction. In explosive technology only materials that are exothermic—that have a net liberation of heat—are of interest. Reaction heat is measured under conditions either of constant pressure or constant volume. It is this heat of reaction that may be properly expressed as the "heat of explosion."

[edit]Initiation of reaction

A chemical explosive is a compound or mixture which, upon the application of heat or shock, decomposes or rearranges with extreme rapidity, yielding much gas and heat. Many substances not ordinarily classed as explosives may do one, or even two, of these things.
A reaction must be capable of being initiated by the application of shock, heat, or a catalyst (in the case of some explosive chemical reactions) to a small portion of the mass of the explosive material. A material in which the first three factors exist cannot be accepted as an explosive unless the reaction can be made to occur when needed.


Fragmentation is the accumulation and projection of particles as the result of a high explosives detonation. Fragments could be part of a structure such as a magazine. High velocity, low angle fragments can travel hundreds or thousands of feet with enough energy to initiate other surrounding high explosive items, injure or kill personnel and damage vehicles or structures.

(I found me in the index!)



brendasue watson – Oct 17, 2012 – 


Vids created by Idaho Picker on
Google You Tube. Good Information

Introducing Idaho Pickers search results:
  1. idahopicker's channel - YouTube

    idahopicker and 38 others liked 15 hours ago. 1:07 ... idahopicker and 31 others liked 1 day ago. 1:01 ... idahopicker subscribed to a channel 1 day ago ...
    7:49LA SINK HOLE: 3 MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS!!!1 day ago
    10:391,000,000 lbs TNT CAMP MINDEN found in Rain2 days ago
  2. idahopicker - YouTube

    by idahopicker 301 views. 2. Thumbnail ... by idahopicker 302 views. 3. Thumbnail 4:16. Watch Later. US Gun Ban : Your NEXT! by idahopicker 1,410 views. 4 ...

  3. LIVE Idaho Picker LIVE - YouTube

    Oct 3, 2012 - 83 min - Uploaded by idahopicker
    Streamed live on Oct 3, 2012 by idahopicker. No description ...DesertRose0829 1 month ago in playlist ...


1 GAS RELEASE & Fracking at 

Camp Minden

Published on Dec 1, 2012 by 



Standard YouTube License


 Gas Concentrations Explosive 

Levels PART 1

Published on Dec 1, 2012 by 



Standard YouTube License


Texas Brine Says... Part 2

Published on Dec 1, 2012 by 



Standard YouTube License

Indianapolis EXPLOSION: 

NOT Gas Explosion

Published on Nov 11, 2012 by 
I am not sure yet what the explosion was but I feel it was NOT gas based on everything I see and the reports. This was something else very possible from the sky. What do you think?? LIVE CHAT: I will be @http://tinychat.com/sincedutch discussing this with others.. Here are some links: http://thelatestworldwidemeteorreports.blogspot.com/http://advanceindiana.blogspot.com/2012/11/indianapolis-explosion-victims.html http://www.facebook.com/dionlongworth?ref=ts&fref=tshttps://maps.google.com/maps?q=8415+Fieldfare+Way,+IN&hl=en&ll=39.644...



Standard YouTube License

A Documentary:

Discovery Channel - 

Explosions Gone Wrong (2008)

Published on Oct 25, 2012 by 
Sometimes deadly, sometimes catastrophic, always compelling; the biggest and baddest explosions ever caught on video. From gas stations and tanker trucks, to rocket failures and the manufacturers of their fuel, learn what makes these colossal explosions tick.

Also: a disastrous explosion tears through New York City at 400 degrees, and without a single flame.



Standard YouTube License

9/11 Eyewitness Commentary

 / World Trade 

Center collapse compilation.

Published on Jun 3, 2012 by 
9/11 Eyewitness Commentary / World Trade Center collapse compilation.

A fantastic compilation,produced byhttp://www.youtube.com/user/wearechangenj
Please click the link below

911GATE: WTC 217 Controlled Demolition Ultra Proof

A huge thank you to you Sir.

PLease google 911GATE for more information and links to Facebook etc.



Standard YouTube License

...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. See You next time