Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
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Friday, December 28, 2012


Hi Everybody!!
Here is Kay Lonnie Wray (aka Miss America). She wanted to open our Class today like she used to do in my first Blog! Kay is a redbone hound. She came to live with me when Mom died 6 years ago. I built this rooftop deck performance stage so she could sing away! As with all living things, she and I have reached the old age of Faded Glory!

(Back in the day-a few years ago!)

Old Dogs-Children and Watermelon Wine by Tom T. Hall (Live)


I want to share a personal story with You:

There comes a time in life of all old dogs (like me) when you realize your children think you have become old and useless to society. I arrived at that point today in conversation with my grown daughter. She mentioned she liked the cardinals and the goldfinches in my post (blog). So I asked if she viewed the vid on last night's post about agenda 21. 
(No, she does not have time to watch the vids I select for the class).  
I encouraged her to please view it as I was quite relieved  to finally find the driving force behind the madness occurring in public. Even though it is old news and I am the last one on the planet to find out anything.........
That's when she said: Mom, stop- and in other words it was revealed she believed the madness is in me.
 Of course I said like what??  
You said there was going to be a disaster before the election and nothing happened. 
I related there had, in fact, been a disaster-a hurricane and it did disrupt things around the election. 
You can't count a hurricane, it is not a man made disaster she retorted.
I related it was man made.
Oh Mom-man cannot make a hurricane, only God can make the weather.
I agreed that once was true, but now it's not. 
She was getting very frustrated with me and she said next thing I was going to tell her is they can make it rain. 
Of Course I said: They can make it rain..........
Then You believe in a different God as the one I believe in is the one who makes the weather, not men, she said! And it went on from there to that the world did not end on the 21st.
That is because there was no pole shift, so no floods!
And that Louisiana did not blow up-
Well, the situation there is worse and an alert is out due to gas bubbling out. I spend alot of time researching all this stuff to try to find out what is going on.
She informed me that watching You Tube vids was not research and I needed to stop watching what crazy people are putting on You Tube and get back in reality.
Of course I said: okay.

I understand most people do not want to see what is going on, even my highly educated children! We are loosing our Freedom and no one seems to care.
There is a very good chance "they" are trying to create an earthquake on the mid atlantic ridge right now (if You believe what You see in the following warning video that was just released on Google You Tube):



Published on Dec 28, 2012
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Back to the photostudy:  The Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Downy Woodpecker (Picoides pubescens) is a species of woodpecker, the smallest inNorth America.
Downy Woodpecker
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Species:P. pubescens
Binomial name
Picoides pubescens
(Linnaeus, 1766)
Range of the Downy Woodpecker
Dryobates pubescens


The female lacks the red patch on the back of the head.
Adult Downy Woodpeckers are the smallest of North America's woodpeckers but there are many smaller species elsewhere, especially thepiculets. The total length of the species ranges from 14 to 18 cm (5.5 to 7.1 in) and the wingspan from 25 to 31 cm (9.8 to 12 in). Body mass ranges from 20 to 33 g (0.71 to 1.2 oz). Standard measurements are as follows: the wing chord is 8.5–10 cm (3.3–3.9 in), the tail is 4–6 cm (1.6–2.4 in), the bill is 1–1.8 cm (0.39–0.71 in) and the tarsus is 1.1–1.7 cm (0.43–0.67 in).[2][3][4] The Downy Woodpecker is mainly black on the upperparts and wings, with a white back, throat and belly and white spotting on the wings. There is a white bar above the eye and one below. They have a black tail with white outer feathers barred with black. Adult males have a red patch on the back of the head whereas juvenile birds display a red cap.
The Downy Woodpecker is virtually identical in plumage pattern to the much larger Hairy Woodpecker, but it can be distinguished from the Hairy by the presence of black spots on its white tail feathers and the length of its bill. The Downy Woodpecker's bill is shorter than its head, whereas the Hairy Woodpecker's bill is approximately equal to head length.
The Downy Woodpecker gives a number of vocalizations, including a short pik call. Like other woodpeckers, it also produces a drumming sound with its beak as it pecks into trees. Compared to other North American species its drums are slow.

Feature Presentation: Video Lineup
Tonight I feature older vids about real subjects. None of this is hidden, all is in plain sight. I am betting most of You no nothing about these topics:
The Wildlands
North American Union
Implementation of Agenda 21

Thanks to Google Index and Google You Tube, we all will know more now! Please inform yourself!


The Eastern Wildway Essential 16

An Essential Sixteen for an Eastern Wildway
Where Ecological Urgency and Recreational Opportunity Meet in the East
All along TrekEast, wilderness explorer John Davis and partner Wildlands Network found many places richly deserving and urgently needing protection, and heroic conservationists working to save them. Often, these efforts were in alliance with hikers, birdwatchers, hunters, foresters, farmers, ranchers, and other outdoor recreationists.   Completing a huge list of eastern habitats in need of safekeeping is an important task for the conservation and recreation communities.   In the meantime, Davis and his Wildlands Network colleagues have identified some places that stood out as particularly compelling.
See above link for complete pdf.


Wildlands Project



Wildlands Project

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Wildlands Network (formerly known as “Wildlands Project) was created in 1991 to stem the tide of species extinctions that was being recorded across North America. Evidence that such extinctions were often exacerbated by a lack of habitat connectivity between existing protected areas[1] resulted in the organization’s adoption of a primary mission focused on scientific and strategic support for creation of “networks of people protecting networks of connected wildlands.”
Wildlands Network
TypeNon-governmental organization
HeadquartersTitusvilleFlorida (international)
Key people
Area servedNorth America

Priorities and campaigns

As a demonstration of where large landscape-scale habitat connectivity in North America was most needed, Wildlands Network identified four “Continental Wildways” traversing the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines, the Canadian Boreal Forest region, and the “Spine of the Continent” between Alaska and Mexico.[2]
Over the period of 2000-2006, Wildlands Network scientists and associated conservation organizations mapped six regional “Wildlands Network Designs”[3] (WNDs) within those corridors in the Rocky Mountain West and the Northern Appalachians. These conservation plans identified existing protected areas and proposed wildlife corridors that would connect them as pathways for wide-ranging (keystone) species in need of “room to roam.” The plans also described the various positive ecological impacts that these species had on other flora and fauna.[4]
In recent years, Wildlands Network moved from a focus on continued creation of WNDs to guiding implementation of the recommendations in the six existing plans. The organization developed a network of public and private individuals, groups, and agencies working in the regions covered by the WNDs to accomplish this goal. Initiatives currently focus on connecting habitat in the Western (Spine of Continent) and Eastern (Atlantic) Wildways.

The Wildlands Project and UN Convention on Biological Diversity Plan to Restore Biodiversity in the United States

The Wildlands Project would set up to one-half of America into core wilderness reserves and interconnecting corridors (red), all surrounded by interconnecting buffer zones (yellow). No human activity would be permitted in the red, and only highly regulated activity would be permitted in the yellow areas. Four concerned conservative activists who now make up the board of Sovereignty International were able to find UN documentation that proved the Wildlands Project concept was to provide the basis for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. They used this information and this map produced by Dr. Michael Coffman, editor of Discerning the Times Digest and NewsBytes and CEO of Sovereignty International, to stop the ratification of the treaty an hour before its scheduled cloture and ratification vote. (See Congressional Record S13790) Since the treaty was stopped, tens of thousands of Americans have used this map to expose environmentalist's efforts to implement this diabolical agenda piecemeal local, just as President Clinton is doing by setting aside millions of acres of public and private land. © 2000 Discerning the Times Digest and NewsBytes. 
Taken From: The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, Article 8a-e; United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment, Section; US Man and the Biosphere Strategic Plan, UN/US Heritage
Corridor Program, "The Wildlands Project", Wild Earth, 1992,. Also see Science, "The High Cost of Biodiversity," 25 June, 1993, pp 1968-1871 and the Border 21 Sidebar of NAFTA. The very high percentage of buffer zone in the West is due to the very high percentage of federal land.

480 × 360 - ... taken from an outline of a Government Project: The Wildlands 


The Progressive Plan for America's Land. No more Privatte Property Rights. The Government controls 100% of all land.



North American Union

North American Union

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The North American Union (NAU) is a theoretical economic and political union of CanadaMexico, and the United States. The concept is loosely based on the European Union, occasionally including a common currency called the Ameroor the North American Dollar. A union of the North American continent, sometimes extending to Central and South America, has been the subject of academic concepts for over a century, as well as becoming a common trope in science fiction. One reason for the difficulty in realizing the concept is that individual developments in each region have failed to prioritize a larger union.
More recently some form of union has been discussed or proposed in academic, business, and political circles, for decades.[1][2][3][4] However, government officials from all three nations say there are no plans to create a North American Union and that no agreement to do so has been signed.[5][6][7] The formation of a North American Union has been the subject of various conspiracy theories

NAFTA superhighway

The Trans-Texas Corridor was first proposed by Texas Governor Rick Perry in 2002. It consists of a 1,200 foot (366 m) wide highway that also carries utilities such as electricity, petroleum, and water, as well as railway track and fiber-optic cables.[10] In July 2007, U.S. Representative and candidate for the Republican nomination in the2008 presidential election Duncan Hunter successfully offered an amendment to H.R. 3074, the Department of Transportation Appropriations Act, 2008, prohibiting the use of federal funds for U.S. Department of Transportation participation in the activities of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). Hunter stated that:
Unfortunately, very little is known about the NAFTA Super Highway. This amendment will provide Congress the opportunity to exercise oversight of the highway, which remains a subject of question and uncertainty, and ensure that our safety and security will not be compromised in order to promote the business interests of our neighbors.
The Ministry of Transportation for the province of Alberta displays a diagram on their website that labels I-29 and I-35 as "NAFTA Trade Corridors".[58]  (See Link for complete article)



By thebiggreenlie

North American Union-Winnipeg Manitoba CentrePort Canada

Editor: While most North Americans were staring at the TV and watching the many mind numbing entertainment shows, your govt. has been quietly working to destroy Canada and the USA. Welcome to the North American Union – This is being passed off as great news for industry and trade. The reality is that it will effectively bring an end to Canadian Sovereignty.
See: Marketing, fact-finding jaunt for CentrePort
One of the key trade corridor initiatives that Transportation Policy and Service Development focuses on is the Mid-Continental Trade Corridor.  Manitoba’s position at the heart of North America makes it a key part of the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor, connecting Canada to a central North American market of 100 million people.  Through a system of connecting highways and rail routes, the corridor provides seamless and efficient transportation linking major commercial centres in the Canadian and American Midwest, through the Southwest, and deep into Mexico.  Intermodal in nature, the corridor allows cost-effective and safe movement of goods and people, minimizing both travel costs and time.  The corridor is shown in the graphic below.  

NASCO members include cities, counties, states, provinces and private sector representatives along the Corridor in Canada, the United States and Mexico, dedicated to maximizing the efficiency and security of their existing trade and transportation infrastructure.  The NASCO Corridor represents the existing trade and transportation infrastructure roughly shadowing U.S. Interstate Highways 35, 29 and 94, and the connecting transportation infrastructure in Canada and Mexico critical to national and international trade.  This includes major intermodal “inland ports” along the corridor and under development. Centreport Canada



....this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.  See You next Year.

Of Course, one more great performance

The following lecture is one of the most important videos you will view explaining the implementation of agenda 21. 

Agenda 21