Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
Welcome to my Hometown!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hi Everybody!!
Your photostudy tonight is more of the many winged guests arriving at Rainbow Creek on the Great Migration. First a quick update on Prince Anole~. He and I got in quite a bit of trouble. As some of You know, I sometimes wear the Prince as an earring when I go to Walmart World. I can never do that again, and I caution You not to wear lizards either. While we were just walking to get birdseed, something came over that lizard and he did something really bad. A sweet, little lady was passing us and for some reason the Prince jumped off of my ear and onto her face. Poor, old black lady seemed to be really afraid of lizards by the way she was screaming and carrying on. The Prince dropped from her face down her lowcut shirt during all the commotion.  Suffice it to say she had to grab him and threw him so high he almost hit the ceiling. (he crashed into the towels, so he's okay).  Anyway, one mad, scared lady looked right at me and demanded to know why I threw a lizard on her face. At that point I chose the only option I had: I lied like a Big Dog! First I said I was sorry. Then I said I had just found the poor, half dead lizard in the parking lot and I was carrying him on my shoulder back to the garden department to rescue him. I did not know what made him jump on to her. It was one of those moments that if looks could kill, I'd be dead already. Anyway, she recovered and walked off and the crowd went away. I walked off too, like I was not connected to that lizard. Fortunately, the Prince was pretty well knocked out. I circled back around after about 15 minutes and the prince was still on the top row towel where I saw him land. I grabbed the Prince and zipped him into my camera case. Then I bought the towel so as not to look odd messing around in the towels-(oh brother). This ends my attempt at a fashion statement with an anole earring!
I better stick with the birds:

Geese - from "winged migration"


Bird Migration - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Please visit this link for all the information about bird migration through Texas

Migration and the Migratory Birds of Texas

Who are they and where are they going?

By Clifford E. Shackelford, Edward R. Rozenburg, W. Chuck Hunter and Mark W. Lockwood
Why is there an interest in migratory birds in Texas?
Of the 338 species that are listed as Nearctic-Neotropical migrants in North America (north of Mexico), 333 of them (or 98.5%) have been recorded in Texas. This means that of the 615 species of birds documented in Texas, 54% of them are Nearctic-Neotropical migratory birds. Texas is important to these migrants and these migrants are important to Texas.

Wonderful Chill Out Music - Winged Migration [HD]


Bird migrations in Movebank: Americas


...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. See You next time! Become aware of Birds!

Of course, one more great performance:

Birds "Winged Migration"