Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
Welcome to my Hometown!!

Friday, April 12, 2013



Prince Anole~ reconsiders preparing to attend any Royal Funeral Events after being Left Out In The Cold All Night. I found the Prince and his loyal Royal Fly frozen this morning on Sun Deck. Temperatures dipped down to the freezing point as winter storm Walda Danced Across Texas last night. No Hail here (or the Prince would have been smashed w/fly). 
NOT TO WORRY: The Prince and The Fly will thaw out shortly as the Texas Sun warms them. 
(Reptiles and Insects can do that, I am not sure if humans can but some are frozen to find out).


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Hibernation is a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in endotherms. Hibernation refers to a season ofheterothermy that is characterized by low body temperature, slow breathing and heart rate, and low metabolic rate. Although traditionally reserved for "deep" hibernators such as rodents, the term has been redefined to include animals such as bears and is now applied based on active metabolic suppression [1] rather than based on absolute body temperature decline. Many experts believe that the processes of daily torpor and hibernation form a continuum and utilize similar mechanisms.[2] Hibernation during the summer months is known as aestivation. Some reptile species (ectotherms) are said to brumate, or undergo brumation, but any possible similarities between brumation and hibernation are not firmly established.
Often associated with cold temperatures, the purpose of hibernation is to conserve energy during a period when sufficient food is scarce. To achieve this energy savings, an endotherm will first decrease its metabolic rate, which then results in a decreased body temperature.[2] Hibernation may last several days, weeks, or months depending on the species, ambient temperature, time of year, and individual animal's body condition.
Before entering hibernation, animals need to store enough energy to last the entire winter. Larger species become hyperphagic and eat a large amount of food and store the energy in fat deposits. In many small species, food caching replaces eating and becoming fat.[3] Some species of mammals hibernate while gestating young, which are either born while the mother hibernates or shortly afterwards.[4]

Dormancy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

Brumation is an example of dormancy in reptiles that is similar to hibernation. It differs from hibernation in the metabolic processes involved. Reptiles generally ...

I told You Guys the "Storm will Pass" and it did. Net Result at my place: fail*. Out of millions of rain clouds and tons of cold Colorado Wind, I received NO measurable rain. (Of course, no snow or hail.) It did get really, really cold) 
Hope all of You are okay. 
Enjoy your photo study:  The Sun Breaks Thru!

Welcome to Rainbow Creek. 
A  Chilly Morning Walk to the Office Today!
Prince Anole~ is so frozen he can not move to snag the tiny bug.

He looks real dead to me.

Ah-His eye moved! Only his body is still frozen.

An Iris Gift in the stairway garden

This Iris reflects the total rainfall accumulation.

That much!

The Red Queen gets off her death bed as soon as the sun breaks thru.

The leaves have returned to 100% of my trees today!

More frozen anoles on the metal roof warming up!

Hi Everybody!!
I hope You enjoyed the trip up to my office!  Maybe Google will invent cold air that blows out the computer so you can feel the temperature in any given location!
I have had a complaint registered against my Nature Blog by my best critic and sometimes friend whom I refer to on the Blog as "the blind guy". Some of You know he is legally blind and does not drive, so I take him to the store and on other chores. He can see out one eye a tunnel vision view of the world. Anyway, I can hear some of You saying: that must be funny, the blind leading the blind; and, You would be correct. So, I drove into town yesterday and gave him a ride to the Grocery Store. After that, we to to a chicken shack for a snack. He kinda mumbled that he had viewed the Blog Post the night before. I was thinking there must be a compliment coming, but I was dead wrong! He used our lunchtime to file a complaint against me!
I did assume well, maybe the blind guy could not really see the photos or words very well. Wrong again. He pointed out that I had misspelled Blog in the Title and said Bog. (I am still thinking how can he even see the title?) Turns out, on the computer screen he puts a magnifier in front of it and can see minute detail. Obviously, better than I can!
Anyway after our second trip to the buffet, the real reason for the complaint comes to the surface in this form:  How could You ruin a perfectly good photo of a lizard by putting a stupid crown on his head???
Now I admit, I have alot of criticism coming my way, but never ever in my wildest creative dreams did I ever think anybody would object to me putting a crown on an image of Prince Anole~.
A little birdie told me I have offended all other people in the world who wear Crowns by attaching their blue bloodlines to their direct relative, a lowly anole. (Of course, it was the Cardinal, so one can never be sure of what they say). Who Knew?
I am very sorry to the whole world and intend to offend no one. However, I retain the creative right to put crowns on any of my creatures at any time for no reason at all. To my photofriends ( and one half-blind guy with a magnifying glass) who truly love the little lizards, I bring you the following Historical One of a Kind Photos of Prince Anole~ as he comes back to life from being frozen by the 18 hour winter storm:  (without his crown):

Alive Again, naturally-

Strom Clouds Vacate my Sky

( I have never seen a forecast like this as there is No Snow where I am in Texas. I finnd it Amazing!) (On You Tube Site:)

Karl Sprin  Weather: 

Winter Storm Update: 4-11-13


Latest Earthquakes Report, April 11, 2013


Published on Apr 11, 2013
Latest Earthquakes Report, April 11, 2013
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This is so Cool!!!!



Links from the  *Google Index*  for info on the winter storm today (in real time)




For my visually impaired friends. At This You Tube Channel, Pink Reads the Current News Reports. Please visit her channel to see the many selections at links below.

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... this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. See You next time! Sending Warmth To All

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