Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
Welcome to my Hometown!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hi Everybody!!
You guessed it! King Buzz saw Prince Anoles~ new jeweled crown (see last nights post), and he got jealous and said he needed a new crown, too. Of course, Prince Anole~ went running up to tell the King about the rag-mag he read at Walmart about some Royal planning a Funeral. As the Prince is a Royal Blood Relative (reptilian personification), he is just having a fit preparing for an event that may or may not be true in the future. Exactly no one has responded they could wear the Prince as an earring. So the smart little lizard asked King Buzz to fly him there. King Buzz is the King of Rainbow Creek. He is no direct relative to a Royal Bloodline, so he would not be included in the family affairs. In exchange for the flight, the Prince promised the King he would be attending a Royal Feast. The Sun Tree has been transformed into a Buzzard Beauty Shop where the King and Lucy have been preening their feathers for hours. Buzz Junior is having a fit as he was told he could not go with the Entourage. To make matters worse, a Cardinal few up to the tree to find out what all the "Buzz" was about. (Now this is how rumors get started and where the saying "a little birdie told me so" began. The Cardinal flew back over to the Bird Sanctuary (across the street) and told all the other Birds a different story. He announced  that all Royals in the World were going to Funerals. Needless to say, this news caused quite an uproar and spread thru the woods like wildfire. I have never heard so much squawking going on as the likes of this. Now Crowbar is going as an Ambassador of Goodwill from Rainbow Creek. None of the Cardinals can go as they are all on nests right now with the eggs, so they are demanding more sunflower seed. My Hawk Rambo is also on a nest, but not concerned with anything Royal. The dogs also have no desire to travel. One of the snakes does want to go, but there could be a problem if King Buzz has to carry him in his claws. (Lucy said she would not give the copperhead a ride under any circumstances.) Crowbar likes shiny things, so he is hoping to find some gold pieces laying around the Castles.
Suffice it to say that running a Bird Sanctuary is very difficult when certain things influence the Birds. I have identified the problems as follows:  Jealousy, Envy. Gossip, Rumors, Lies, Deceit , Greed, Anger, Hate, and Murder ( the Hawk just ate the snake so his travel arrangements are deleted.)
 If I could get rid of  all this negative stuff, it would certainly be a "Paradise" around here!

Prince Anole~

King Buzz

The Cardinal Flies In

Buzz Junior (throws a fit)


The Copperhead (R.I.P.)

Prince Anole~

Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary

I made a vid for You!

The Buzz aroud Rainbow Creek_0001 

Published on Apr 10, 2013
King Buzz Preens for the upcoming trip! (maybe a Texas tall tale!).
Put a little Joy in your heart! Love to Everybody!

Way Cool Photography (under 1 minute!)

Extreme Slow Motion of flying airplanes - Frankfurt Airport (500fps)


The Big Picture for this past week:

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So April 2013 Part 1


Published on Apr 9, 2013
Just when you thought nothing is going on, this seires continues....
Earthquakes, major flooding, records being smashed and so much more has taking place the past week or so..
Thanks for watching here and stay safe!
Music Used
Must Save Jane - Undiscovered Realms
Join us on Facebook and help bring awareness to these extreme changes http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hawkkey...
Thank you Julie and others at Weird Weather Group on FB for keeping up on extreme weather events.
Watch More Of This Series From The Playlist
I do not own any of these videos thanks to all the people who film these disasters and the news medias that report them.
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...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.  See You next time!

Of Course, one more great performance. (One of the greatest vids I have ever seen) Enjoy this creation by Andrew:

Mother Nature Time Lapse