Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Earth News Updates for August 26, 2012 (Violent Storms Attacking Earth Photo Blog)

Hi Everybody:
Please come in and join me on the front porch of Kates Cabin. If You were here, You would see the tiny birds flying thru the open air porch and little windows I created for them! They sneak attack each other!
I had no idea 6 years ago while sitting here, that I could open up my new laptop (and first ever computer) and jump on the 'internet'. I had thoughts of creating awareness of the Nature around me to share with the world (which I have done). I thought about flowering the super highway (which I have done). I created my blogs with the intention of accumulating data for my kids and grandkids about the Earth (which I have done). I had no idea how big the Earth was until I learned to fly in Google Earth. I had no idea how small the Earth was until I learned to fly in Google Sky. I found You Tube and discovered the Hubble photographs and I have been flying thru space ever since!  Through Picasa Web Album Galleries, I began to meet people from all over the world interested in Nature. By sharing our photos, we all began to get an idea of places we have never seen. I began doing the blog field trips thru photos and you tube vids to get an idea of places, cultures, art-but most important: People.

Just as it seemed the World was unfolding before me, we also began to see trends of extreme changes in our Environment. We see all the predictions by the Global Warming/Climate Change Scientists are happening now at a rapid rate. We see effects beyond projected events and learn of the holes in the magnetic shield and ozone layers letting in Radiation. We see increased Natural Disasters that are killing people and taking their homes.
I did not intend my journey to turn in this direction. Who did?  This day on Earth arrived without any of us having anything to do with it. Now that it is here, we can not ignore the Global Scope of these events.
I do not think the world is going to end. I am not trying to alarm anybody. My message has always been:  Inform yourself about event possibilities in Your Location. Prepare for no electricity, water, gas, transportation and stock up. Get your batteries and candles, cooking equipment-all your camping stuff ready especially if You are located near known problem areas. That is really all you can plan for. 
For my Children and anyone else who says God will take care of us-  I agree-What will be, will be. 
However, I remind You of the wise words of my Father:  God gave You good sense, USE IT.

Because I live near the Texas Gulf Coast, in the middle of many trees, I have put extra screws in my roofs. I have boards cut to screw over glass windows. (do not use masking tape as my Dad did!) I have food, water, gas, generator, etc. all in one place now. Because I am in a flood zone, I am prepared to leave if the water rises.
I have done this every year for Hurricane Season for 60 years. Most of my Mom's Family was wiped out in Galveston in the 1900 Hurricane. The one who made it out (so I could be born) had roped several of the family to tall beams. Maybe, my Mom was more frightened of these big storms for that reason. So, I also have rope and life jackets.
I can still hear Mom's words: Every Storm WILL Pass.

Do what You need to do for You.
Below is a look at my trees at Kates!

Breaking News:
3:33pm New Update: Many quakes of different sizes in last hour, southern California-El Ecentro

LINK:  http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.html

Your Photostudy:  
Texas Sunset in a Very Red Sky

It appears something is shooting out of the sun!

Video Line Up:  
Updates from You Tube-
These are great reports just out today.
Important Storm Information:
Just Push Play

...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. Please join me in prayer for all the people in these storms.
Peace be with You.

Of course, one more Great Performance:  Just Push Play
Uploaded by  on Oct 9, 2011
A compilation of some of the more relaxing piano performances I've uploaded to YouTube. All pieces of music in this collection are played and recorded by myself. I've added in links/starting times (the starting times after the hour mark don't seem to link, I am sorry to say) for each piece in the collection, for those who wish to browse, or jump to a favourite spot. I will try to add links/times to my other compilation videos when time permits. :-)

The pieces in this collection are:

Moment Musicaux #6 (Schubert)
Handel's Largo (9:58)
Bethena Waltz (Scott Joplin) (16:14)
Waltz in #15 A Flat (Brahms) (23:46)
Ave Maria (Schubert) (26:11)
Waltz #2 (Brahms) (28:58)
Intermezzo in A Minor, Op. 116 #2 (Brahms) (31:44)
Intermezzo Op. 76 #7 (Brahms) (35:31)
Intermezzo In A Op. 118 #3 (Brahms) (39:38)
Intermezzo Op. 119 #2 (Brahms) (46:46)
Romanze (Brahms) (54:36)
Nocturne #2 (Chopin; yes, that is a typo in the title!) (59:11)
Nocturne #16 (Chopin) (1:04:38)
Nocturne #18 (Chopin) (1:10:07)
Prelude #17 (Chopin) (1:16:52)
Prelude #23 (Chopin) (1:20:35)
Waltz #3 (Chopin) (1:21:43)
Waltz #9 '(Chopin) (1:28:56)
Prelude #4 (Chopin) (1:33:39)
Arabesque #1 (Debussy) (1:36:05)
Deep River (Samuel Taylor Coleridge Arr.) (1:41:42)



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