Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Solar Flares and Alert Videos for August 12-September 26 2012 (Yesterday Sunset Photo Blog)


Hi Everybody!!
Your photostudy today is of the sunset yesterday 8/11.  Again, there are dots of light around the Sun. 
You are welcome to view my last three posts with more photos of the lights/dots/planets-whatever they are.
I have been watching these for two years and they have increased to my eyes. I have included other videos from other people who are seeing what I am seeing: something behind and next to the Sun. If You only have time for one video right now, I suggest the last one is most relevant for today August 12, 2012. This is the most current warning video I could find on the path of Planet X. 
From today until the end of September, chances are very high for multiple earthquakes and volcanoes which could also produce the tidal waves. (not my conclusions or projections).  I hope you have made your plans and stocked up on supplies in the event of loss of electricity or rising flood waters.

Because Everyone that had knowledge of this event has lied to All People, there is likely to be panic when/if the predicted events occur.

This will be my last post and warning. I am traveling away from the coast. I wish you all God's Blessings and hope You will be safe. Hold on to love in your Heart. I hope nothing happens, but History reveals anything could happen. I will contact to G+ when I can, but I will be in deep woods. I will come back to this Blog when I return in a few weeks. Be Safe and Watch The Skies!

to the left of the Sun at 11 o clock

left of the sun 11 o clock

above the sun right at 1 o clock

below the sun left  at 8 o clock

distance of sun from the tree line (not zoomed in enough to reveal the dots of light in above image)

Right of the Sun 3 o clock

left at 11 o clock on edge of frame

left 11 o clock (faint)

right at 2 o clock. this one was a bright flash I saw from the ground

left at 11 o clock; 12 o clock

right at 2 o clock

not zoomed in close enough to see anything when it is hazy like this. Reference is to ground

top of sun 12 0 clock

12 o clock; 3 o clock; 4 o clock at edge of frame

left at 9 o clock

this is the best one of the large one I have been seeing consistently at 11 o clock (faint)  just before sun hits horizon here in Texas. For me to see this from the ground, indicates it is huge.

six o clock. this is photo just before cme.

New Solar Flares, new video                        Just Push Play

I think this is a cme

it is coming out of the sun (right)

right at 4 o clock

Left at 11 o clock

this concludes the sunset photostudy

Someone else saw what I am seeing and made video-Just Push Play

Someone else sees the big object left at 11 o clock  Just Push Play
Video Alert for Aug 12 2012 (today) thru Sept 26.  Just Push Play

...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek! I will be on vacation for about 3 weeks. See You on the return!
Please keep up with current affairs!