Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
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Monday, August 13, 2012

You Can See The Planet/Whatever Next To Sun (Three days in a row finding the Sun Dots Photo Blog)

Hi Everybody:
I got a few images at the Sunset this evening.  You can see the planet thing behind the Sun pretty good. You saw in my Blog last night that others have been making reports and videos of what they see from all over the World.

The good news is that there has always been other life forms in the Universe and now we know. One big QUESTION answered!! (What's out there?)

The bad news is that the real weirdos are actually our own Human Family.
How could SOME who walk among us, make plans to not tell approximately six and a half billion other Humans of the approaching, possibly extinction proportion disasters???? Exactly who is it that decided most of us should die by not warning US? I find this much harder to believe than the actual Aliens.

NASA- You were my Heroes. You were my Moms' Heroes. You were Heroes to so many People who believed in you and trusted You.  HOW COULD YOU DECEIVE SO MANY PEOPLE??? YOU CHOOSE MONEY OVER HUMANITY??  We paid the bill for you to fly around the skies for US. We paid your salaries and big rockets. I am so very disappointed at you and sick to my stomach, trying at this last moment to gather my family and go somewhere safe from the coast.

I am proud to say that this Space Cowgirl Granny from Texas can see the system behind the Sun. I can shoot it with my little Canon from the ground. I have the proof here for everybody to see. I am showing them how to look at the things. Everyone can see them if I can. I am hopeful others will shoot the sunset and sunrise. You cannot hide this any longer. If people choose not to believe in what they can see, it is because you told them for Fifty Years that NOTHING was out there. Especially NO UFOs or ALIENS.

NASA- I am begging you to warn the People. Hello Houston? Anybody there?? Hello------Hello---------Houston?? Anybody there????? What?? Everybody abandoned ship? Where did they go???
Oh, they got the message to evacuate from the coasts??? Because Houston is going to be at the bottom of the Gulf??

Well friends, looks like we lost our connection to NASA. Another case of the lights on, but no one is home.
There is nothing more I can tell you, my friends. You do what you need to do for You! I am going on vacation with the assumption that I will have a home to return to above sea level. Because I have been told like all of You, that nothing is wrong and everything is okay. WRONG

Here are my photos from today. There IS something behind our Sun! 
(Go Granny Go)

Solar Flares of Yesterday 8 11                             Just Push Play

Gamma Rays were off the chart today.                Just Push Play

Gamma Rays were off the chart on July 30, 31       Just Push Play

...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. See You next time (when I return from vacation!)
Keep your heads up looking at the sky!

Of course, one more Great Performance!  We need a little Joy!!!!!

Love to All