Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everybody!!
Welcome to my Hometown!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hey Everybody: Come On In-I Am Cooking!!!! (Outdoor Cooking Photo Blog with Weather Updates)

Hi Everybody!!
Can You believe how tall that cloud is???
These clouds form everyday in a line along the same place! Under those clouds it is raining. They have not come to my place in about 6 days now! Yes, we are having some strange weather.

Come on in to my courtyard and see my Outdoor Kitchen:
I am quite sure you expected something different! I wanted to tell you that this portable turkey roaster oven is all I use.  In Texas it is 90+degrees (F), so I do not use heat in the cabins when I have the air on. The window in the background on the cabin is my office window overlooking the birds!

Today I am cooking!! This is a Ham with gold potatoes and homegrown corn.

Wish You could smell this cooking! It cooks all day while I am in the garden.
Later on I will slice the Ham and make up 6 plates to put in the freezer. Should I loose power, I will have this already prepared. Just sharing some ideas with You on living outside!

 In the background is the new hummer habitat. They are really having fun zipping all around this courtyard!

The above feeder is the favorite one so far. Most of the birds have not arrived. About 25 are here. Usually I have 200 or so, but they do not phone ahead with reservations!

A few of you have been curious about what I am building now! This is the new strip kitchen with new exit doorways cut out. The space already existed-basically a two car garage format. 

At the far end is how it looked, framed with cedar siding but open framing inside. I super insulated between the boards and covered with picket fence boards. New doorway cut is to the right. The big room is to the left. It feels like a little tunnel! I designed the cabinets to also be super reinforced and will serve as my tornado or hurricane shelter.

Okay, I am late so I need to cut this off. I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my day. Your video lineup is the Updates on the Weather Events occurring today, 
8 27 2012. I know some of you have the TV.  They are not mentioning everything on the News Channels, like the earthquakes. So please inform yourself of what is going on where You live. There is no one You can count on but Yourself.

Just Push Play

....this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.  See You next time. God is with Us. Feel the Blessings. Goodnight.
Of course, one more great performance,
Just Push Play and Relax